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Why the American Family Still Matters

Publication Date: 
March 16, 2017

Recently, Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) gave a speech which explained his views of the importance of the American family.  He said,

[A] new agenda should ultimately address the ongoing problems of immobility at the bottom of our economy, insecurity within the middle class, and cronyist privilege at the top.

But the first and most important piece of this "pursuit of happiness" agenda should restore equal opportunity to the first and most important institution of them all … The institution that unites all Americans regardless of race, class, creed, or politics: the institution of the family….

Conservatives sometimes get criticized for putting too much emphasis on the family in policy debates. But a growing body of evidence…suggests the critics have it backwards. The real problem may be that we don't think about family enough.

For family is not just one of the major institutions through which people pursue happiness. It is the one upon which all the others depend.

More than that, in recent years, the family has emerged as perhaps the most important institution in our economy.

The family is an incubator of economic opportunity, and an indicator of economic success.

It is every individual's primary source of human and social capital: habits and skills like empathy, self-discipline, trust, and cooperation that grow more economically important every day.

The family is where we learn the skills to access and succeed in America's market economy and civil society … and thereby create new opportunities for others to do the same.

The primacy of family should inform…policies about everything from welfare to education to transportation to criminal justice.

If there is any single group of people in the entire country whose equal opportunity to pursue happiness we should make sure to protect, it is our ultimate entrepreneurial and investor class: America’s moms and dads.

One would be hard-pressed to find a better and more accurate case made for the importance of the American family than Sen. Lee’s.  Watch or read the full speech

Here at the Village Counseling Center we recognize and exalt families as the cornerstone of American life.  We believe God has established the family as the foundation for teaching the skills, attitudes and values that prepare youth to go out in the world and make a difference.  We strive to strengthen families every way we can.

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