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Publication Date: 
May 18, 2016

I’ve got a question without hesitation. 
Why? Why did you have to die? 
Your death was like a poison dart through my heart. 
A bond between a person and an animal lasts forever. 
No one can ever break that bond. 
You were the only one I talked to after school. 

I miss you lying by the fireplace on the cool marble to take naps. 
I miss you climbing onto the back of the couch to bark at people behind the house. 
I miss when you used to dance on your back paws to get food out of my hand when I was not looking. 
I miss your tags tapping together on your collar when you walked or ran around the house. 
I miss your floppy ears. 
I miss you begging for food whenever we got ready to eat dinner. 

You were really hard to take care of when you were a puppy. 
As the years passed it became easier to take care of you because you became lazier. 
You always kept me company when everyone else was busy. 
You always made sure I was okay after I fell down or I cried. 
I wish that you could have stayed longer. 
My love for you is stronger than before. 

Your fur used to be as white as snow. 
Your eyes used to be as black as coal. 
Even though you didn’t exercise you panted when you were tired. 
Your fur was as soft as a blanket. 

I miss you in general. 
Now that I see your ashes you say every day, 
“Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.” 
Well, see you until then.
Goodbye for now.

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