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Excellent Speaker Evaluation Results For “Sex & Romance” Workshop

Publication Date: 
March 16, 2016

The speaker evaluation results for Dr. David Gursky’s February 20 workshop on Sex & Romance, titled Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby, have been tabulated.  The results are excellent!

21 of the 30 workshop attendees filled out a “Speaker Evaluation Form” immediately following the workshop. The form asked respondents to rate Dr. Gursky’s performance on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the best rating possible on any one question.

The results are displayed in the table below:

“Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby”
Presentation Evaluation Scores
Sample = 21 respondents
Average Years Married = 19.2

Participant Questions 7 Point Scale Approval Rating
1.  Overall this session was valuable to me. 6.57 93.9%

2.  I will be able to apply learning’s from this session to my life and marriage.

6.62 94.6%
3.  I learned something new in this session. 6.67 95.3%
4.  The speaker introduced new or innovative ways to think about this subject. 6.52 93.1%
5.  Overall I would rate this session: 6.67 95.3%
6.  The speaker’s presentation skills were: 6.76 96.6%
Average overall presenter score: 6.63 94.7%

The average score for each of the six evaluation statements exceeds 6.50 on the 7-point scale.

This is a result that rivals the evaluation scores of any of the best speakers in the country!

You will not want to miss Dr. Gursky’s next couples workshop, “Something to Talk About” on the topic of Communication, Saturday, May 21, 9am - 12 noon, Pheasant Run Resort, St Charles, IL.  Call 630.307.1100 now to reserve your spot!

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