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The 6 Principles of Oneness: Principles 1 & 2

Publication Date: 
January 13, 2016

I.  A marriage that reflects Oneness is healthy, peaceful, connected, exciting and passionate

  • Healthy –  You can’t experience life without good health.  A healthy marriage is never stagnant, it is always growing—sometimes in baby steps, other times in big leaps. 
  • Peaceful – We all want peace. Happiness comes and goes, but peace can be a sustaining, realistic lifestyle.  Marriage can reflect a lifestyle of peace at all times, even when you are arguing. A peaceful marriage is where arguments are rare and resolve relatively quickly, with each spouse learning from the differences and going forward with better understanding.
  • Connected – When a marriage is connected in Oneness, there is a special, unspoken bond between these two people. They enjoy and adore one another, and behave like a team.  Communication is positive, peaceful and geared to understanding one another.
  • Exciting – In a marriage of Oneness, the couple enjoys being together.  They enjoy being non-sexually intimate and spend time in activities together that make them feel whole, individually and as a team.  They make laughs and create memories in whatever activity they are participating in together.
  • Passionate – A Oneness marriage is open and free to express physical affection.  The couple has a regular and frequent sex life, and lots of out-of-bedroom affection. They are also passionate about helping each other find enjoyment and satisfaction, and take action to make each other feel excited, alive and desired.

II.  We were created for Oneness, more than we know

Oneness is God’s plan for every marriage.  All humans are created to have Oneness with God, and Oneness with their spouse.  When we are not seeking nor experiencing that Oneness we are open to pain, disappointment, despair, hurt and loneliness.  We were made to dance as One with a spouse who is very different than we are. We will never have personal wholeness and completion without dancing in Oneness with our spouse.

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