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Are You Ready to Change?

Part 2
Publication Date: 
July 11, 2015

In Part 1 of “Are you ready to Change, we took a look at the ambivalence people often face when considering making a change in their lives.  In Part 2 of this article, we will look at making the decision to change and preparing to make change.

Deciding you want to change

There can be many reasons why you decide to make a change in your life. These may include deciding you cannot continue an unhealthy pattern or remain as you have been.  You may come the conclusion you want more fulfillment, peace, and joy in your daily experience of life.  You can decide to change because you want your life to have more meaning and purpose. You can decide to change because you desire more satisfaction from the things you do in your life-career, relationships, etc.  Making change may also result in better relationships with loved ones and others you interact with regularly.  Once you have made the decision to change, you may experience feelings of satisfaction and also a sense of anticipation knowing that you are able to make the changes you desire and achieve you what you want in your life.  Sometimes, however, you may make the decision to change or believe that it would be wise to change but may not feel ready or capable of making the change. 

Preparing to change

When you do not feel ready to make a change you have decided you need or want to make, you may feel the same confusion or helplessness you felt when you were caught between deciding whether or not to make the change.  The momentum and energy you were gathering from having made the decision to change has come to an abrupt halt.  Identifying the reasons why you do not feel ready to change can help in moving forward with your change again.  At this point, it becomes important to address the obstacles making it difficult for you to move forward with the change you want.  Once you identify those obstacles, you can determine solutions and a plan to overcome them.  Then you will be able to move forward once again on the path to change.

In conclusion, making a decision to change is a process which involves considering reasons to change and addressing reasons not to change.  Preparing for change and recognizing your ability to change are also a part of the process.  Many people encounter places where they feel stuck. They may also have difficulty deciding if they need to change, what change is needed, or having hope that they can make a change they desire.  If you are having difficulty maneuvering this process towards change and having the peace, fulfillment, and joy you desire; please contact us at VCC and allow us to help you on your journey toward making the lasting changes you desire.

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