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Mike Holland LCPC


Mike Holland brings to Village Counseling Center more than thirty years of experience counseling adult and teen individuals and couples.   Mike is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with an MA in Counseling from Argosy University and a BA in Pastoral Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. 

Mike’s expertise includes depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and fear, grief, anger, loneliness, feelings of failure, loss of a loved one or a job, and lack of meaningful relationships. 

Mike is also a skilled marriage counselor who helps couples improve communication and problem solving, survive unfaithfulness and affairs, and build intimacy and closeness. He has years of experience successfully helping couples go through pre-marital counseling, which helps prevent later problems and avoids the pain and trauma of divorce.

Mike has a heart for others in emotional or relationship pain, and he quickly builds trust, provides direction and has a contagious “can do” attitude.

My job is: 
to help people take positive steps toward better mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual living.
The challenges of my job are: 
to see the world through the eyes of my clients and help bring healing to all areas of their lives.
My job is extraordinary because: 
it allows me to help people find peace and healing.
I’m extraordinary because: 
I have been the client on the couch and the counselor in the chair. Both have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients.
I help to bring new hope to people by: 
showing them life doesn’t have to be painful, no matter how long it has been that way. We often get stuck and may not see that we do have choices. I help clients to find healthy choices and incorporate them permanently into their daily lives.
I bring hope to my community by: 
leading training sessions and mentoring young couples.
One extraordinary little known fact about me is: 
I enjoy riding my Harley Ultra Classic alongside my wife on her Harley Heritage Softtail motorcycle.
Village Counseling Center is an extraordinary place to work because: 
of the giftedness and compassion of the therapists, the overall team approach and learning environment, and the high quality of client care.
What I’d say to a therapist considering joining our extraordinary team is: 
there are very few places with a more positive work environment in which you can reach your full potential.

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Hanover Park, IL - (630) 372-6599
South Elgin, IL - (847) 488-1999

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