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Dr. David McFadden D. Min.

Dr. David McFadden is a co-owner and Clinical Director at Village Counseling Center.  He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Dr. McFadden received a DMin and MA from California Graduate School of Theology in Pastoral Counseling, MS from Northern Illinois University in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a BA from Lincoln Christian University in Pastoral Ministry. Dr. McFadden has been helping adolescents and adults for over 30 years, specializing in marital affairs.   Dr. McFadden is an adjunct professor at Judson University and Lincoln Christian Seminary. He has been invited to speak and present workshops on a variety of topics, including marriage and family issues, in the U.S. and six foreign countries. He has also completed specialized training in critical incident management to work with victims of severe trauma.  Dr. McFadden is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  Dr. McFadden is an expert writer and contributor to both Marriage.com and www.YourTango.com.  He has a profile and numerous articles that you can view on YourTango and also on Marriage.com

My job is: 
to help people find their way when they are lost.
The challenges of my job are: 
helping people to see the right path and to stay on it when that has not been their practice in the past.
My job is extraordinary because: 
people really do get on the path, they find their way and it is life-changing for this generation on to the next.
I’m extraordinary because: 
I feel gifted me to help others find the path.
I help to bring new hope to people by: 
helping them to see and to know that the path really is there and they really can follow it.
I bring hope to my community by: 
my kind interaction with people and my involvement in many different groups that are involved in making a difference.
Words of hope that I live by are: 
God always provides a way.
One extraordinary little known fact about me is: 
I can ride a unicycle.
Village Counseling Center is an extraordinary place to work because: 
it is a team committed to making a difference in the world. Every employee on every level has a heart to help people.
What I’d say to a therapist considering joining our extraordinary team is: 
if you want to make a difference, if you are willing to work hard, if you are able to take instruction and are willing to be stretched and to grow – call us now.

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Hanover Park, IL - (630) 372-6599
South Elgin, IL - (847) 488-1999

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