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Donna Crawford LPC

Donna Crawford, is a resident therapist at Village Counseling Center. Donna holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Christian College. Currently she is completing her training in Clinical Christian Counseling Ph.D. program at Cornerstone University.  As a therapist, former teacher, and mother of five Donna brings many years of experience working with children, emerging adults and families. Donna’s passion for counseling comes from her own healing and growth journey. She is committed to living her life intentionally and deeply connected with others.

Donna is an eclectic therapist that incorporates elements from a range of therapeutic techniques, with the goal of establishing an individual course of treatment that is personally tailored to meet the needs of each patient. The unique customization helps to facilitate relief, growth and healing to the client as quickly and effectively as possible.

Working with both men and women, Donna has experience with trauma, loss, abuse and neglect, anxiety, depression and self-esteem. She especially enjoys working with clients to make lasting life changes in their interpersonal relationships. An additional area of interest is working with the traditionally underserved.

Donna believes that in order for clients to experience healing and lasting change they not only need support and victory over their daily challenges, but they also need to understand the root causes. With balanced focus on current issues and at times a dive into the narrative of the past, we work towards transformation.

Donnas creates a safe, caring, trusting space for clients to wrestle with self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. She works to help the client take an honest look at the obstacles that are keeping them from living a healthy, vibrant life that they are longing to live.

My job is: 
An honor to walk along with those that are hurting and in need of support on their journey.
My job is extraordinary because: 
I am able to do the thing I love to do....help others to work towards transformation that will bring forth life. A life of healing, hope and peace.
I’m extraordinary because: 
I have had the opportunity to walk the path of healing myself. I have grown and experienced the transformative power of hope and change.
I help to bring new hope to people by: 
infusing them with hope. Imparting the idea that there is hope for the hurting. No matter how dark and difficult things are, there is relief and healing to be found.
I bring hope to my community by: 
investing in the lives of others. It is a life mission for me: to touch the lives of those around me.
One extraordinary little known fact about me is: 
I was once a mermaid! I have since traded in my tail for legs! I was a performer of underwater entertainment at Weeki Wachee Florida.(You can still visit there today if you are visiting central Florida!)
Village Counseling Center is an extraordinary place to work because: 
everyone has the same vision...to help those in need! The spirit of compassion can be felt by all in the establishment.
What I’d say to a therapist considering joining our extraordinary team is: 
I was drawn to this office because of the testimony of others, along with top notch quality care, vision, and reputation. I can say from my own personal experience; this establishment is being used in a MIGHTY way! Would you like to be a part of that?
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Hanover Park, IL - (630) 372-6599
South Elgin, IL - (847) 488-1999

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