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Daisy Doodle ESA

Daisy is a staff member at Village Counseling Center and an emotional support animal. Daisy excels at empathizing with others while providing comfort, warmth, and support for those in need. Daisy is excellent at working in collaboration with the counselors at Village Counseling Center to provide the upmost care and nurturing. Daisy has received her training from Woofbeach where she continues to strengthen her skills while learning new therapeutic techniques on an ongoing basis.

Daisy facilitates a warm, nurturing, and comforting environment while working to aid individuals' coping with negative emotional states, ease ability to manage negative thoughts, and provides soothing sensory stimulation.

My job is: 
Such a wonderful experience day in and day out. It is my responsibility to give and receive love while using my skills including playfulness, empathy, and kindness. I love my job!
The challenges of my job are: 
Watching individuals struggle and experience negative thoughts and emotions. I always do whatever I can to help them feel as best as possible in the moment.
My job is extraordinary because: 
I get to spend time with so many people and watch as their smiles light up when they see me!
I’m extraordinary because: 
I can make people smile and get excited while looking forward to seeing me without having to speak a word.
I help to bring new hope to people by: 
Providing them with genuine and unconditional positive regard.
I bring hope to my community by: 
Helping people love the processes involved in counseling and mental health services.
One extraordinary little known fact about me is: 
I like to have my belly rubbed and have been known to snoop in the trash from time to time.
Village Counseling Center is an extraordinary place to work because: 
It is a team of amazing individuals who I absolutely love and who truly love me.
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Hanover Park, IL - (630) 372-6599
South Elgin, IL - (847) 488-1999

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