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Cynthia Russell LCSW


Cynthia Russell is a Staff Therapist at Village Counseling Center and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has received her MSW from Loyola University with a concentration in child and family therapy. In addition to adults and couples, Cynthia has effectively worked with children, adolescents, young adults and families for over 8 years. She has helped hundreds of children and families work through all child and adolescent problems, including self-esteem, communication, depression, anxiety, low grades, school behavior, impulse control, oppositional and defiant behavior, poor judgment, suicide and violence. She works closely with families offering support and coaching for all parenting issues. She also helps children and families who are going through difficult transitions, such as divorce, sicknesses and death, moving, and family conflict.

My job is: 
more than a job, it is a mission; my mission to help others the best way possible.
The challenges of my job are: 
accepting that there is no perfect answer to any problem.
My job is extraordinary because: 
it allows the process of healing and change to occur in a safe, warm and caring environment.
I’m extraordinary because: 
I go above and beyond what is expected of me to ensure that my clients are receiving the best services.
I help to bring new hope to people by: 
having faith in them and dedication to them.
I bring hope to my community by: 
my love for the community and offering volunteer work as much as I can.
One extraordinary little known fact about me is: 
that I was raised in a neighborhood where many people didn’t graduate from high school. I have been blessed with dedicated parents, supporting family and a mentor that have guided me to where I am today.
Village Counseling Center is an extraordinary place to work because: 
you work alongside a team of staff who create a pleasant atmosphere where you can grow and watch your clients grow simultaneously.
What I’d say to a therapist considering joining our extraordinary team is: 
welcome to a wonderful working environment that is blessed with great opportunity.
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Hanover Park, IL - (630) 372-6599
South Elgin, IL - (847) 488-1999

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