Counselors & Staff

Passion, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Energy!

You will notice a difference in your VCC counselors—passion, excitement, enthusiasm and energy!

We earnestly desire to make our counselors' years on the VCC team the best and most fulfilling years of their life. We love them. We challenge them. We give them a place to belong. Together we share ideas, form plans and give & receive energy in the powerful dynamic of a healthy team. We do our best to cheer each on and pump each other up.

We Can Never Accomplish Alone
What We Can Do Together For You

Our philosophy is that more than just working with other people, it’s doing life deeply with one another, united by a common purpose as we serve our clients together. And there’s a huge difference between the two. We know that we can never accomplish alone what we can do together for you.

This is as good as it gets—changing lives—together.  It is a privilege to be a part of such a loving, unified and energized team. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to help you change your life so that you find peace.

Meet our counselors and staff here at VCC

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