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Career Opportunities

There’s Something Extraordinary at Work Here!  Passion, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Energy!

As a therapist, you have a unique opportunity to achieve success and significance.

While many counseling centers offer programs for success, few focus on significance.  Therapists are uniquely qualified and positioned to have a meaningful impact, leave an enduring legacy and experience the joy of a life well lived — given the right opportunity and environment.

A Dynamic Environment of Success and Significance

VCC provides a dynamic environment of success and significance.  We are looking for elite therapists who share our values, vision, mission and passion — therapists whose faith can inspire them to aspire to the extraordinary! They are leaders! They are therapists who have achieved a measure of success, and now are challenged by a genuine desire to focus on the deeper dimension of their career — significance.

VCC offers a unique values-based culture that breeds excellence and grows the deeper dimensions of impacting others. There are a variety of mentoring opportunities with innovative curriculum resources and training events to help you better serve your clients, attain success and infuse more meaning into your career.

Empowering Each Other with Respect and Support

Therapists are entrusted with the serious work of transforming people to health and well being. We meet this privileged responsibility by attracting people of character, intellect and passion to make it happen. We expect an extraordinary level of performance from ourselves and our therapist team and empower team members to reach it.

We stretch goals and work hard to achieve them. We empower each other because a spirit of respect and support permeates the practice. This spirit helps us build a better organization that is uniquely capable in serving our clients — while creating ample opportunities for our therapists to excel.

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Hanover Park, IL - (630) 372-6599
South Elgin, IL - (847) 488-1999

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