New Hope for a Better Life

When the seed of hope is lovingly watered and nourished — amazing things can happen!

Experiencing deep relationships, meaningful moments and the joy of inner-peace and calm that is unaffected by the changing winds of circumstances… life in all fullness.

We are keenly aware that many people have never experienced the richness of genuine peace and love. No one should miss these important foundations for life. What a loss to never truly know and be known. How sad to miss a life well-lived.

Changing Lives

At Village Counseling Center our goal is changing lives. We believe you’ll experience a refreshing, new approach that is interactive and focused on finding solutions. From Day One you’ll receive the support and practical feedback you need to help you resolve current problems while PREVENTING future problems — helping you to make meaningful and lasting change.

We strive to work in authentic relationship with people we deeply and sincerely care about, helping them to feel safe and secure working through their issues.

When these two essentials are reality—breakthroughs happen and lives change for future generations.

Live Out Your Dreams

If you want to discover the awesome potential that’s resting inside you—you’ve found a partner in your success. We are deeply committed to staying the course together with you all the way to the end. We strongly believe and are convinced that you are capable of writing a new chapter to the story of your life—one in which you live out your dreams.  New Hope for a Better Life is a phone call away.

Featured Counselor

Daisy is a staff member at Village Counseling Center and an emotional support animal. Daisy excels at empathizing with others while providing comfort, warmth, and support for those in need. Daisy is excellent at working in collaboration with the counselors at Village Counseling Center to provide...Read more
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